Corona Virüs ve Mücadele Yöntemleri
19 Mart 2020

Corona Virus and How to Fight With

The basic aspects of human health are nutrition, living conditions and psychology. Regardless of the disease type, a health psychology also supports a strong immune system in the disease process. Not having panic in all diseases and keeping morale high will cause people to become stronger. Now corona virus has created a pandemic, threatening people around the world. We are struggling nationally with corona, which is a global problem, and we also offer our help to the other countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has fulfilled all its duties during this period and supports the corona virus problem. With the precautions applied in place in our country, public trust has been ensured and individuals’ panic has been prevented. In addition to social psychology, we also need to take care of ourselves as individuals. In this process, it is very necessary to calm the people who panic a lot, support and avoid our relatives from disease under the risk group, and most importantly to positively affect our own psychology. Even if the disease is caught, it will be useful to keep morale high. When the virus is caught, knowing that every case does not result in death will relieve our patients. During this time, do not believe in fake news, just follow approved media groups.

Lets mention about environmental effects. Precautions taken by the society; The main foundations are the prevention of risky areas for a certain period of time, disinfection of public living spaces and public transport, disinfection in businesses and awareness raising through frequent trainings. What we can do personally is very extensive. Even though it is sad the most important thing is to isolate ourselves. Let’s not forget that this is not a social isolation but a personal isolation. Social abstraction will negatively affect psychology. Avoiding close contact with our relatives from 1 meter, benefiting from social media and telecommunication facilities will keep us closer to our loved ones. In the environment, the surfaces should be cleaned frequently and proper hand washing should be taken care of. Coughing and sneezing should be done according to the rules of action. Avoid scattering of mucus and saliva.

Pregnant women and mothers with babies should be more careful these days. Unless it is really necessary, they should not go to health center, contact with foreign people other than households should be prevented, the person should be at home, households should take personal precautions, food and cleaning should be supported. Although it is not completely clear in the studies, the current Corona Virus (Covid 19) cannot pass from the placenta to the baby. However, the results were positive in the babies of 19 infected mothers in Wuhan. It is also thought that the source may be close contact.

These preventions should be taken during the transition to the postpartum period and the relatives should not be accepted as a guest. The babies’ immune system develops in the first 6 months and is not completely active. Immunoglobulins (Ig) taken from the mother’s womb only manage the baby. In short, we can think of the baby in this period as unprotected. For this reason, babies should not be kissed, smelled or breathed except for parents (especially their hands, face, head, neck). The baby should not be hugged frequently. The people who has herpes (herpes are caused by viruses) should not be in close contact with the baby (including parents). On the Corona agenda, including all of these, parents should also be extremely careful. Especially 6-month-old babies are unprotected. If breastfeeding mothers cut off the external contact of the family, it is okay, but if they feel a suspicious situation and not isolated enough, they should breastfeed by washing their hands with soap and water, clean their breasts and wear a mask. The Covid-19 virus is thought not to pass directly from breast milk to baby, and research has not yet given definitive results.

In order to mention about nutrition, let’s get to know the virus more;

Corona virus is a type of virus that causes respiratory diseases in mammals and birds, and also causes death. Mers, Sars, Covid 19 are relatives. Corona consists of single-stranded RNA and it is the virus with the longest chain ever detected. Viruses do not have precise vaccines because they can constantly renew themselves and keep up with the environment, and that aspect makes them often mutate. Covid 19 vaccine is not yet available. Even though there was a vaccine it will lose the effect with the next mutation. Viruses are not considered in the category of living or inanimate. The name Corona coming from the glue structures similar to the crown spheres around the virus.

Corona Virus is an enveloped virus. It consists of a double layered lipid (fat) structure. For this reason, water and soap are enough to make loose its activity. Its crowned structures (spikes) consist of glycoprotein. We may think that it feeds roughly on sugar [1], [2].

There are 7 coronaviruses affecting humans [3]:

  • Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E)
  • Human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
  • Sars coronavirus
  • Human coronavirus NL63
  • Human coronavirus HKU1
  • Mers coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
  • New coronavirus (CoVID-19)

SARS (China based) in 2002, MERS (Saudi Arabia based) in 2012 and CoVID-19 (China based) since 2019 threaten humanity. SARS affects the younger age population. MERS and CoVID-19 affect men more than women. CoVID-19 is difficult for individuals to perceive and can be confused with other diseases. Therefore, assays are important. fever, respiratory disorders, weakness are the most obvious symptoms [4].

With at all these data, we first know that we need to be fed well to keep our immune system strong. Since it is a virus that can destroy the respiratory tract, we must take supplements to keep our respiratory system strong.

For a strong immune system,

  • We should have a balanced diet (as in the food pyramid).
  • We know that many microorganisms and unhealthy cells fed by sugar. Since CoVID-19 virus is made of glycoprotein, we should be fed sugar free. If we want it so much, we can try fruit sugar, milk sugar and honey sugar. In particular, diabetes patients need to be more careful due to their condition and their immune system. Since it is not desired to increase the sugar rapidly in such diseases, bread with low glycemic index sourdough and whole wheat should be preferred.
  • Those with autoimmune diseases should continue to use their medications regularly under the doctor’s supervision. Those who use immune-lowering medication should get support from the doctor. The patients who has Thyroid hormon disease should not disrupt their medication.
  • Plants and food supplements that increase the immune system should be used. Thyme tea, thyme extract, Pelargonium sidoides root and extract, lime tea, lavender tea or extract should be consumed daily.
  • Vitamin C should be taken daily (from fruits or food supplements).
  • Vitamin D level should not be ignored.
  • Attention should be paid to blood level and liver should be eat if possible.
  • Since green lentils raise platelets, it should be added to the diet once a week. Legumes should be consumed frequently as they strengthen the immune system and are rich in protein and vitamins (individuals with imperative lectin intolerance and estrogen reduction should consumed carefully).
  • Propolis and royal jelly mixtures, alcohol-free extracts should be consumed.
  • Lemon, vinegar and original pomegranate molasses should be used in salads.
salad with quail eggs, pepper, olives, tomatoes and sesame seeds
  • Spice consumption should be paid attention, especially ginger, turmeric, black seed and cumin should not be missing from the table.
  • Support should be obtained from fermented products. Home pickles and juice, homemade German pickles (from white cabbage) boza, home made yogurt, etc. products will be our savior.
  • Reliable probiotics should be bought from the pharmacy and used for 10 days. When using it, probiotics should be supported with fiber foods (prebiotics). For example; Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot root, apple, banana, pineapple etc. In short, we have to keep our digestive system strong. 
  • Red fruits and dried fruits, white mulberry dry are the fruits that best support the immune system. 
  • Mouth and nose should be rinsed with water (ablution, when entering the house). The addition of 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of rock salt, 1 teaspoon of carbonate can be stored in a glass bottle and can be used for mouth and nose cleaning without exceeding 10 expeditions a day.
  • We should never neglect to drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

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